IoT, AI and Blockchain Tech Expo review

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As a technical recruitment consultant within the private sector, I’m lucky enough to work in an area I’m passionate about; namely the digital startup space.  This sector’s close association to an increasing trend in AI (Artificial Intelligence) developments led me to the IoT, AI and Blockchain Tech Expo event taking place at London Olympia.

I jumped at the opportunity of talking with leading industry professionals specialising in these tech areas to understand their companies/products and to learn more about what to expect from these techs in the next coming years.

There were a number of talks presented by delegates ranging from a panel of IOT Evangelists and Digital Innovators discussing topics such as ‘Future of IoT – predictions for a connected world’; to Data Scientists and the Head of Analysis and Observation discussing ‘How can IoT and AI improve our performance and fitness?’. I scribbled down a few notable predictions and insights to look out for in the next five years or so. Some of which consisted of a growing IoT function within Industrial industries, Satellites, Digital Twins, VR/AR, Smart Packaging, Sensor technologies, Agriculture, Banks and even Autonomous Vehicles.  I am excited to see how these will develop, and will keenly follow those businesses that impressed the most.

As well as being offered the opportunity to listen in on current developments and future insights across a range of industries, the event encouraged attendees to network and interact with businesses that were showcasing their products and/or company at independent stalls, and I was impressed by the quality and range of attendees. The execution of the whole expo was impressive and I have booked to return next year.

For those of you who asked me about the service we deliver I look forward to contributing to your success over the coming months.  For those of you I missed – drop me a line and I can talk about how our approach to technology recruitment will give you fresh insights into how to find the very best talent and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

I look forward to seeing old and new faces the TECHXLR8 event in June. 

Alice Richardson - Consultant

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