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I went to the IoT Tech Expo to immerse myself in the new tech that is coming out on the market. The main topics were IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain.

The first talk I attended was in the IoT Tech Camp, where four key speakers were discussing their predictions for the connected world. They discussed how their companies had reached where they were today and the key growth areas they predicated for the future; Satellites, Video Analytics, Digital Twins, and Sensor to Microprocessor level systems.

In between the main panel discussions I had the opportunity to walk around the Expo and coming from an aviation compliance and vetting background, it was interesting to see the new technologies around identity verification, and how it can now be digitalised.

A couple of companies that piqued my interest were:

  • IAME who have addressed the risk of attaching your identity to your cryptocurrency address by developing an app that only releases encrypted fragments of your identity to another person, whom can then validate it in their Identification Network.

  • Blockpass have developed a blockchain based self-sovereign identity application with the intent of giving data control back to the user (good timing with GDPR coming in). The app does this by rendering your identity as true, and then deletes it off of their network, therefore leaving the only location of your approved digital identity on your mobile device.

Throughout the expo I spoke to a number of professionals who were so passionate, not only about their product, but also the growth of technology in the future. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget for a long time, and I have already booked onto my next one!

Sam Morley


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