Interviewing 4 - The telephone interview

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Effective, efficient and easy to muck up

A telephone interview is a simple and flexible way for client to assess a candidate without the delay. Which is why many of our clients chose this option.  However, this form of assessment has a major pitfall that you can’t use those fabulous body language tools of eye contact, the smile and the open/ interested stance. So here are our tips to give you the edge over the phone:

1. Smile - it can be heard down the phone- I promise

2. Stand - There is a reason why choirs and singers stand up, it uses the diaphragm increasing the strength and clarity of your voice.

3. Listen - place yourself in an environment where you can be 100% focused on the call, we have all had a phone call where we know the other person isn’t engaged. (NB if the line isn’t clear don’t muddle on, tell them and try another line)

4. Clarity – Don’t race through your answers, take your time and a pause after a question is a good thing it indicates you are listening and gives you a chance to consider your answer.

5. Open up – If you are asked closed questions, open them up use them as an opportunity to show your keenness. I.e. Have you seen the job spec? Rather than just “yes” say “absolutely, I was particularly pleased to see the scope of the role with regards to…”

6. Prepare –        

Your USP’s: know why you are good for the job and ensure you work them into the conversation.

Your clients USP’s to you: Make sure you let the client know why you want to work for them.

Find a common ground – This may be a link you can find on Linked in or in the ethos of the company.

7. Be positive – The client is deciding whether they can work with you so no matter how monosyllabic or quiet they may be, you need to positive and enthusiastic.


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