London Job Show, Westfield review

Posted on Thursday, May 3, 2018 by Venn Group1 comment


Recruitment is a mixture of who you know and what you know. To be successful you need to establish a good list of clients by networking, but to ensure repeat business you need to have conviction in what you say and up-to-date knowledge in your area of expertise. A fast way to network and ascertain knowledge in any area of interest is to attend expositions. As a division, Venn Group Technology has made a commitment to attend numerous expositions over the summer to expand both network and knowledge. The first event which I had the pleasure to attend this year was the London Job Show. The exposition, at Westfield in Shepherd's Bush, was a great exposition to begin with, as not only did I have the opportunity to meet with interesting clients, but also candidates looking for their next role.


Due to my interest and specialism in gaming and betting, my first point of call was the William Hill booth. It was great to talk about industry trends and new technologies that are changing the gaming industry as we know it. Knowing that one of the next expositions I will be attending is on information security, I spent the rest of my morning speaking with multiple contacts at Banham Group, Axis Security and Cardinal Security. It was enthralling to find out more about the different types of security that each organisation deals with, whether that be home and property security, information and data security or manned private and corporate security. 


When it comes to networking, recruiters can occasionally forget that a good candidate network can be just as important as a good client network, if not more so! The London Job Show was great in facilitating networking with a large amount of candidates, all of whom have shown proactive initiative to seek their new role and will no doubt have a high level of commitment when being put forward for new positions. Furthermore, as a job show, the main aim of the exposition was to assist people with finding a new role. Throughout the day there were regular seminars from multiple exhibitors on how to interview well and how to write captivating yet informative CVs. It was very insightful to see the varying tips that different organisations had for candidates and how to tailor different skills depending on which organisation they were applying for. It was beneficial to get an understanding of what individual organisations are looking for specifically. Not only has attending the London Job Show improved my knowledge in specific industry areas, but it has also improved my ability to be a 360 degree recruiter in terms of CV writing and interview preparation, which will ultimately lead to more success for my candidates and my team.

Tim Christie - Consultant, Gaming & Betting Technology

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