Eid Mubarak!

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Eid Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating the end of Ramadan! Here are some insights from some at Venn Group who practiced Ramadan this year:


‘I see Ramadan as a spiritual connection when I can take some time away from busy life. Even though Muslims who practice Ramadan at workplaces do it with full enthusiasm and strength, the combination of lack of water and food, long hours, and fast-paced work environment can lead to loss of focus and energy. Even though our work doesn’t involve physical activity and is less tiring comparatively, it is amazing to see how everyone at Venn Group consciously gives us more space to slow down knowing that we are fasting’. 

 Qaiser Raja – Finance Manager


 ‘There is an ethereal beauty in enduring a period of struggle while maintaining efficient productivity within ones profession. It tests ones determination and resolve but due to the comradery within my team, the period passed very quickly given the conscious efforts of the team around me to accommodate any needs I might have. It has allowed the period to be smooth and has me looking forward to celebrations after Ramadan’.  

Zack Hamouda – Associate Consultant


‘I feel so excited just before Ramadan starts because there is certain energy about it and it is about more than just fasting. Growing up I’ve been taught that Ramadan is about feeding the soul and every year I feel I can relate more to that because the month brings about a lot of self-reflection which is sometimes much needed but we just don’t get time for’.

 Farhana Akhtar – Team Administrator


‘Ramadan is a special time of year for followers of the Islamic religion. It’s the ninth Month of the Islamic Lunar calendar and associated with Muslims around the world giving up the pleasures in life, to abstain for a month of fasting. For me, it’s a great time to reflect on the smaller things in life that sometimes can go missed. It helps us to appreciate what we have and to give to those who are less fortunate.  It comes round quickly every year, but serves as a reminder that we shouldn’t wait for the Holy month. Instead, we should always strive to help out others in everything we do. The month ends with ‘Eid Al-Fitr’ a celebration to mark the end of Ramadan which focusses on the communal aspects of the fast, a time to come together, enjoy good food and be empathetic!’  

Hamid Yafai – Senior Consultant



We wish all of our consultants, clients and candidates celebrating Eid a happy and joyful celebration. We hope you have a great time celebrating with loved ones after Ramadan.


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