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DIY or get the Professionals in?

Owning your own home comes with a lot of responsibility, more so than when you’re renting, or even better, living with parents.  If you need something doing it’s on your shoulders and you enter the conundrum of tackling it yourself or getting a professional in to complete the work.

In some situations; rewiring or plumbing for example the decision is pretty simple but what about those jobs that you’ve never done but look simple enough.

I made the decision recently to redecorate my living room and dining room and found myself faced with exactly this dilemma.  Do I tackle the work myself or get a professional in? I opted for the former, with the biggest factor in my decision-making process being cost.  At first the job seemed fairly simple. Buy some paint and rollers, work out how much flooring is needed, plan when everything is to be done (in line with when my friend in the trade could lay the floor) and stick to it.

I allocated the ‘simple’ jobs to me and booked a day of annual leave to pull up the laminate flooring, undercoat and paint the walls and gloss all of the woodwork. This would then leave the laminate flooring installation to my highly-skilled friend who was happy with a bit of grub and a 6 pack of beer for his time.

Day one, I find myself standing up a wonky step ladder cutting in along the ceiling and corners.  This task, for which I had allocated one hour, was completed in three. Not the greatest start but I reasoned that the painting of the walls would only need a once over and I could make the time back. Two days of annual leave, a very late night, three coats of paint, a failed attempt at cutting in for the feature wall, another trip to B&Q, and most of my weekend later, I was finally done, just in time for the laminate to be fitted. However, a spontaneous night out for my friend resulted in my laminate sitting in its box waiting to be fitted.   So I was left with half-finished rooms and no option but to wait for when he was next free.

Several weeks later and the rooms are just about finished with some minor touches still to be completed here and there.  Numerous people told me I should have got the professionals in throughout this process, which left me thinking about the different scenarios in life where others are faced with the same dilemma - tackle something yourself or pay the money for a trained professional.

Working in recruitment and actually offering a paid service I often have clients coming to me after a failed attempt to recruit themselves.  They either struggle to find a candidate at all or recruit the wrong person for the role, with the recruitment process inevitably starting all over again.

If recruitment is something that you don’t do every day it can be very alien and very time consuming. You will know what you want but not how to put it across in the job specification and won’t necessarily have access to the most relevant places to advertise.

This is all something that as professional recruiters we can help you with, offering you candidates based on your requirements and a recruitment process bespoke to you. Allowing you to carry on with your day to day duties, whilst we put in the time and effort needed to source the correct person for you.

With hindsight I can now say the next time I have a task to accomplish that I am not skilled at I’ll be putting my hand in my pocket and getting the experts in. There are plenty of things in life I enjoy doing and am quite good at, but painting is definitely not one of them.

Dan Fowler- Executive Consultant

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