Happy Father’s Day

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Today we honour fathers, brothers, uncles and those important male role models in our lives. We asked people at Venn Group what advice has resonated with them from the men in their lives.


“Don’t be disappointed from the start”, he meant this in the context of trusting people and always having an open mind.

Rula Tripolitaki - Senior Manager, Local Government Interim Executive, London


 “That as long as you work hard and do your best, no one can ask any more of you”, he also instilled in me that manners are very important and I’ve tried to live my life remembering these two things, and so far it seems to be going well!

James de Ste Croix - Senior Manager, Milton Keynes


“The only person you can truly trust in your life is you”, fairly harsh but it hasn’t stopped me trusting people, instead it has made me trust in myself more.

Elly Hanna – Associate


“Slow down when you eat, you’ll never find a boyfriend”, however I still eat fast and I did find a boyfriend!

Lauren Skinner – Manager, Private Practice Legal, Birmingham


“You could do that in your carpet slippers”, meaning whatever I was saying I couldn’t do, actually was not that hard if I put my mind to it.

Hamish Harmer - Manager , Finance London 


My Dad was an accountant so he always told me to “spend half, save half” and taught me how to manage my finances from the age of 13 when I got my first job.  He then told me NOT to move to London as “I’ll be living in poverty” – 3 years later at Venn Group I have proved him wrong on that one. #3holidaysayear

Also he told me to avoid a lifetime of disappointment – don’t support Sheffield Wednesday . 

Francesca Gribben- Talent Acquisition Consultant


The piece of advice my grandfather always gave me was “only boring people get bored” – this piece of advice inspired me to enjoy every moment as it happens rather than looking towards what is next, and has helped me to be content even when doing absolutely nothing!

Jade Gorrod – Manager, Legal Public Sector, London

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