Happy Venniversary Mark Steff

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On Thursday Mark Steff celebrated his ten years with Venn Group at Le Gavroche with Deirdra Moynihan and Philip Hanna.


We asked Mark about his decade as a Vennetian.


“I started working in our Watford office on the C&I Finance team in 2008. This was during the recession but after two years I was promoted to Executive Consultant.  Having grown finance I was promoted to Manager and then tasked with establishing a new market for us of estates & facilities. After running these two teams for a year my next challenge was to take on the management of the housing division in 2016. I ran all three areas for a while and was then promoted to Senior Manager.  Now having passed my established finance team to another manager I have another new challenge, this time in the form of setting up our logistics team, which was a brand new market for Venn Group in 2017.


There are highs and lows in recruitment however the buzz I still get when a consultant places an assignment is what keeps me enjoying what I do.


One of the clearest memories from my decade at Venn Group is when in my 2nd year our Watford office Christmas party was in London at K Box, which was a private karaoke room.  We were all doing a few songs on the karaoke machine, when up strode Avtar Singh (Director), pushing in front of others waiting to sing. He grabbed the mic and quickly found his required song. With the whole office sitting around the room watching on in amazement, we then had the pleasure of listening to a full version of……… Gary Glitter’s - Leader of the Gang. This was accompanied by his own dance moves of pointing at various consultants around the room and singing at them “do you wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang”! Well I’ve been in his gang for ten years now so I guess I did!”


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