Rob Westbury Promotion

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Congratulations to Rob Westbury on his promotion to Senior Manager. We wish him continued success in his new position.  


"Over the last 8 years Venn Group has provided me with the ideal platform to progress my career by fostering an environment that encourages learning & development and that recognises hard work and dedication. 

I have always been pushed to keep looking ahead and to think about the next challenge; this has seen me develop both as an individual and as a manager to the staff and teams in the Local Government market. Having been involved from the start in setting up our Interim Local Government division as an Executive Consultant, I have had the opportunity to help grow the business to now cover multiple specialist teams delivering solutions across numerous routes to market. As a result, I have been able to progress my career through promotion to Manager and now to Senior Manager. 

I am proud to have been recognised by the company for my achievements to date and I am grateful to be afforded a new opportunity to further my career. This is something that continues to drive me in all aspects of my job.

I look forward to the next challenge; continuing to grow and maximise our position in Local Government IT, with additional scope to drive growth in the Housing & Charities IT market and to tackle Central Government IT."

Rob Westbury - Senior Manager


“I have worked with Rob over the last eight years and he has always surpassed all expectations, delivering on every challenge we have put in front of him. He is an extremely talented recruiter who is prepared to go the extra mile for his clients, candidates and consultants. Rob’s work ethic and passion for his markets has been key to his success. I know he will continue to progress in his new role  and will make a success of the new markets he has now taken on.”  

Jo Goodwill - Associate Director


"During the 8 years Rob has been at Venn Group he has been integral in growing and developing our Local Government Division in London. ever billing being. He has grown and split his team, promoted a manager (Karima Dakhama) and is now leading us into new business areas. Diligent and capable, Rob always manages to surprise and impress in his ability to deliver. Rob is going to be tasked with continuing to grow Local Government IT but also take a lead on Central Government, Housing and Charities IT in London."

Rob McLeod - Director


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