The Final Countdown…to Sweden

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It is now less than two weeks till I fly to Stockholm for the KSI World Karate Championships 2018 and I thought it was a good time to share an update with you all as we enter the final countdown to the big championships!

In my previous blogs, I talked about the importance of self-discipline and the challenges with juggling work, karate and a social life at the same time; so I wanted to give you a little snapshot into “A week in the life of Sophie Powell” by taking a look at what my life is like as I continue my quest to become KSI World Champion. 


Karate Training:

Last week I had karate training on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday which was a combination of standard training sessions with my Portway SKF Karate Club and SKF England Squad lessons (both under the instruction of Shihan Eddie Daniels). 

By the time I got to karate in the week straight from work, I managed over 1.5hrs training on Tuesday and Thursday which was mainly focused around kata practice, bunkai (kata techniques) and sparring techniques. Saturday and Sunday was an all-encompassing training weekend over seven hours in total. Saturday gave me an opportunity to practice for the team kata event and perform in front of Shihan Daniels and our SKF England coaches for their advice on areas of improvement. This was followed by sparring practice for two hours including off-the-line competition style bouts with people of a similar age, weight and/or height. Sunday was a complete mix of training starting with an 8am fitness session, followed by kata, techniques, sparring practice (and more fitness!) taking us through to around 3.15pm. 

Gym Training:

I usually go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week on days I am not doing karate to help improve my cardio and strengthen my muscles, however, to protect myself from some minor  injuries I only went to the gym twice last week. Both 6.30am starts, I managed to squeeze in two good 1hr gym sessions before work on Monday and Wednesday – starting with a back and biceps routine on the first day, followed by a triceps and chest routine on the next day (with a little bit of abs and cardio thrown in for good measure!)


It was a full working week for me which meant me being in the office for around 50hrs. With the support of my Public Sector Finance colleagues, we successfully recruited for several interim positions across the Midlands, whilst also putting us in a good position for the following working week with more potential placements to come!

Social Life:

Perhaps not surprisingly my social life has been a lot less active since preparation for Sweden started  but last week was a relatively busy week socially too. Wednesday evening, I managed to spare a few hours to go and enjoy some food with a few of my work colleagues in the Birmingham sunshine. However, Friday was the biggest social event for me in a while as I headed over to Pryzm Nightclub in Birmingham to watch my Venn Group colleagues (Sam Brook, Fabian Liladhar, Keiran Cox, Tom Wilkinson and Stuart Birt) compete in a different kind of fighting at a charity boxing event which they were fantastic in! Around weekend training, I also enjoyed a meal out with my fellow England Squad members and a catch-up with a friend before completely crashing out on the sofa in front of the football by about 9pm on Sunday!


As I have said many times before, the road to Sweden has not been an easy one but I feel like I have given 110% to my training and preparation and I absolutely cannot wait to get out there now and (hopefully) do everyone proud.

Thanks once again to Venn Group for sponsoring me (and for putting up with me talking about karate constantly for the last nine months!) and, of course, to the Shukokai Karate Federation for allowing me to compete for my country and supporting me in my preparation.

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