Venn Group partners with well being resource LifeWorks

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In the last decade, the importance of wellbeing in the workplace has been brought to the forefront of employers’ minds. Numerous studies have affirmed that happy and healthy employees do in fact make for the most productive. It is therefore of paramount importance that employers ensure that they are making steps to further the wellbeing of their people.

There is no better example of the importance of employees than the people-centric recruitment industry. From placing jobs, processing timesheets or aiding candidates with compliance to start their new roles, without its people Venn Group would not be able to thrive as a leading agency. 

We are therefore pleased to announce that Venn Group have partnered with LifeWorks, an employee assistance and wellness programme, to continually support our personnel.

When considering different means of furthering the wellbeing of Venn Group employees, Head of HR Kirsty MacDougall had a number of things to consider:

“Our employees’ wellbeing has always been an important focus at Venn Group. Historically this meant physical health, and moved on to include mental health and more recently financial well-being. 

The word wellbeing now has a far reaching remit and we wanted to ensure we partnered with an organisation who could help our employees with their varied wellbeing needs. LifeWorks offer that service 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. This can be over the phone and online, plus employees have access to LifeWorks on the go and outside of work with their mobile app. 

Although the service is completely anonymous we will be given quarterly MI outlining the reasons our employees are contacting LifeWorks. This is turn will help us to tailor other wellbeing initiatives in the future”

Online resources include articles, videos, podcasts and toolkits on a variety of topics. Not only focusing on mental and physical wellbeing, users can find advice and guidance on everything from legal issues, family wellbeing and career development, to name a few.

Assisted by the wide remit of help LifeWorks can provide, Venn Group looks forward to furthering the physical, mental and financial wellbeing of the people who are so crucial to our success. 

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