Venn Index Q2 2018- Recruitment Report

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This quarter's Venn Index demonstrates the continued rise in demand for contractors across all sectors with the legal sector out performing at a growth of over 30%.


Jennifer Brook our Senior Legal Manager in London comments on this quarter. 

Venn Group’s legal division have once again experienced a remarkable start to the year in 2018 even withstanding the increased competition across the wider legal sector contractor market.

With an average increase of £45 per day in the rates offered to contractors since Q2 2017, continued industry support remains in the need for a flexible workforce to the ever demanding local and central government sectors including  councils, the NHS and government regulatory bodies.

Where we have seen a noticeable change in contractor usage has been across the private practice arms of our Magic, Silver and City based law firms as well as the Big 4 practices to attract a wide array of solicitors looking for work across the in-house legal industry sector.

Venn Group has long made headway with in-house legal organisations and have dedicated teams focused on regulatory, change and transformation able to offer our clients an exceptionally competitive service in comparison and we continue to look forward to working in this ever changing legal environment.



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