Faye Taylor Promotion

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Congratulations to Faye Taylor whose tenacity and drive has been rewarded with a third promotion since joining us in March 2017.


My journey with Venn Group started a little under 18 months ago and what an experience it has been during this time!


Having worked in recruitment for 6 years prior to this, the ethos here at Venn Group is unprecedented, from the development and training that is provided to working collaboratively as a team. I can honestly say all have contributed to the acceleration of my career to new heights, resulting in three promotions since I joined. I am very proud of what we have achieved in our department so far this year and I am confident the best is yet to come.”

Faye Taylor


Faye has worked incredibly hard since joining Venn Group in March last year. Her unrivalled work ethic and tenacity, coupled with the opportunity our Pathways and Milestones progression scheme offers, has seen her promoted on three occasions in the last twelve months. She has played a huge part in the team’s recent successes and I look forward to seeing what else is to come!

Lauren Skinner- Senior Manager, Midlands Private Practice Legal



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