International Day of Charity

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Since a declaration from the UN General Assembly in 2012, every 5th September the International Day of Charity is celebrated across the globe.

The date of the 5th September was chosen to commemorate the death of Mother Theresa; a Nobel Peace Prize winner who dedicated her life to the destitute. It shines a light on the huge potential of charity to alleviate suffering and crises, to carry on her legacy. The focus is to encourage people in societies around the world to take part in charitable activity. This can be through donations, volunteering and fundraising events.

However, according to the Charities Aid Foundation World Giving Index 2017, giving in Western and developed countries has declined. It is therefore of more importance than ever that charity is promoted in these countries, as their prosperity means the potential for giving is heightened.

Accordingly, a further facet to the International Day of Charity is to educate society about charitable issues. With over 168,000 charities being registered in England and Wales alone, there are an abundance of worthy causes for people to support. Bringing these to the forefront of public consciousness offers the opportunity for charities to gain exposure, which can lead to continued support in the future.

Venn Group supports its employees in their individual charitable efforts, with Consultants and Directors alike frequently sponsoring each other’s fundraising activities. Moreover, on 20th September Venn Group will be holding a charity day, which this year will be in support of Cancer Research UK. This is an annual and much anticipated event for Venn Group, with previous charity days having raised huge amounts of money. In 2017 the September charity day alone raised £7,347.18 for Alzheimer's Society, with an accumulative total of £20,421 for the year.

On this International Day of Charity, and as the excitement for our Venn Group’s own charity day builds, it is important to remember that we can always do more to support worthy causes. Whether it is volunteering, or receiving sponsorship for a particular event, Venn Group looks forward to continuing to support our staff in their philanthropic endeavours in the future.

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