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Posted on Monday, September 24, 2018 by Maire Gerrard1 comment


Congratulations to Leah Holder on her promotion to Senior Executive Consultant. We wish her every continued success in her new role.

“On behalf of the London Legal Division, we are thrilled that Leah has reached her next milestone, in what has been quite a short space of time. Leah originally joined Venn Group on our London Private Practice team, and has been able to bring her expert legal knowledge and dedication to our London Public Sector team as it has continued to grow from strength to strength. Leah’s hard work, determination and personable nature has meant that she has comfortably built long-lasting relationships with her candidates, clients and colleagues and is a real pleasure to work with. We all look forward to seeing Leah progress further in her career at Venn Group. Thoroughly deserved Leah - well done!”

Jennifer Brook

“This promotion is so thoroughly deserved. Leah has worked hard and persevered with her clients, including local government authorities in Essex, and the results speak for themselves. Leah also took the initiative with new routes to market and is starting to ingratiate Venn Group's locum legal recruitment into the London based central government organisations. Leah's work ethic is superb and I couldn't be prouder, well done!”

Jade Gorrod

“I am extremely excited to be stepping into my new role and feel it is important to make clear I wouldn’t be succeeding in my career without the support and encouragement from the management at Venn Group. They have provided me with effective training at each stage in my development and provided me with the right path to apply all the knowledge I have gained. The new implementation of Pathways and Milestones has created new routes and progression for those not currently considering management, including myself, whilst still providing equal earning potentials and progression as client account managers. I am looking forward to what the next steps in my career hold!”

Leah Holder


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1 comment on "Leah Holder Promotion"

  • Steve & Lorna Holder says: 24 September 2018 at 16:26

    Very very proud of you Leah, you continue to show us that you are not only a beautiful lady inside and out, you are also very bright and determined in what you have achieved so far, keep going girl and reach for the stars. Love you millions, Mum & Dad❤️🍾👍