A Career in Recruitment - Making the Decision

Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 by Maire Gerrard1 comment


Taking the first steps into a new career is one of the most exciting yet daunting milestones people face. There are seemingly endless opportunities to choose from, making the decision all the harder.

The UK recruitment industry is booming, with a total revenue of £32.2 billion in 2017. Subsequently, there are plenty of opportunities for graduates to explore this career path. But why should you consider becoming a Recruitment Consultant?

You’re a great communicator

You do not need to be the loudest voice in the room to be a brilliant consultant. However, you will be speaking to people every single day both on the phone and in person, and therefore need to be able to get your points across clearly and concisely. By doing this, you will forge solid relationships with candidates and clients alike.

You’re driven and resilient

The role of a Recruitment Consultant is by no means easy. While skilled consultants can mitigate risk, ultimately our work depends on the actions of autonomous individuals. Therefore, there will be the odd disappointment. Successful recruiters will not let this keep them down for long, and an ability to dust yourself off and get back to working towards the next win is crucial.

You’re proactive and reactive

Recruitment is completely meritocratic; your input directly correlates to what you get back. Being proactive in speaking to clients and candidates and immersing yourself in your specific sector ensures that you become a reputable and knowledgeable consultant. However, working with people means that no matter how much groundwork you put in, you can never predict what will happen with absolute certainty. Therefore, you must be able to react quickly when the unexpected occurs.

You enjoy a challenge

The best Recruitment Consultants not only cope with the above, but thrive from it. While recruitment is not the easiest option for graduates, the challenge of the job means that every success is all the sweeter. While you will develop your skill-set and understanding as your career progresses, you will never encounter two identical scenarios. This makes for engaging, exciting and stimulating work that will keep you motivated to come to work.

You want to be rewarded

With a career in recruitment, you can be assured that you will be well compensated for your hard work. The industry is known for offering high remuneration to those who excel, with commission structures taking into account every achievement. Moreover, placing a candidate into their dream job is in itself incredibly rewarding. You will always get a buzz from delivering the good news.

Regardless of your background, if the above resonates with you then a career as a Recruitment Consultant is definitely worth pursuing. For more information, please visit our careers website here.

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1 comment on "A Career in Recruitment - Making the Decision"

  • Ben says: 18 October 2018 at 11:34

    It's really worth noting that the supported exposure you get to high value clients and candidates from very early in your career and the endless opportunities that these relationships present mean that you have an exceptionally accelerated learning curve.

    One of the reasons I love my role in working with our consultants is that you develop your skills as a recruitment consultant thick and fast and the skills you do develop are applicable to success in all areas of work and life.