A Career in Recruitment - the Facts and Fiction

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Over time, the recruitment industry has fallen foul to inaccurate stereotypes and misconceptions about how agencies operate. An unfortunate consequence is that many brilliant potential consultants choose not to consider recruitment as a career.

For this reason, we have challenged some of the most commonly held assertions about the industry to set the record straight:

1.      All recruitment companies are the same

It only takes an online search to see that the recruitment industry is enormous. With so many companies operating within the same sphere, it is implausible that they all do the same thing. In fact, the differences are vast. They can include geographical reach, sector specialisms and role type, and of course each agency will have a completely unique culture, ethos and infrastructure. For example, Venn Group’s team-based commission model is very different to that of other agencies.

2.      It’s all about the money

Recruitment Consultants have a reputation for being wholly financially motivated, with no care for their candidates and clients. This misconception originates from a point of truth. Recruitment is a tough industry, but a highly lucrative career path. Many successful consultants are incentivised by money, but it is always in their interest to build long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates, rather than reap the immediate rewards of a poorly matched placement.

3.      You will work horrendously long hours

It can be hard to reach candidates during the working day if they are currently in employment, so it is true that a recruiter’s hours are not confined to 9am-5pm. However, you are financially compensated for this. If one looks to other industries, for example finance and legal, it is common to work longer hours for similar remuneration.

4.      There is no such thing as a ‘career’ in recruitment

Many see a job in recruitment as a short-term plan to make money with little to no options beyond this. On the contrary, the industry is meritocratic and the only limit on a consultant’s progression is themselves. For those who want to reach management level, there is specific training to get you there. Even if managing people is not part of your goals most companies, Venn Group included, offer a further path for progression on the consultancy side.

5.      The work is repetitive and completely target focused

KPIs are a necessary part of any sales-based role. However, speaking to clients on the phone is by no means the only way to generate business. A significant amount of time is spent on external meetings and attending networking events. Moreover, in a people-centric role, no two days are the same. You will need to be reactive and provide a tailored service every time, making for stimulating and exciting work.

6.      Only a certain type of person can be a Recruitment Consultant

According to the stereotype, recruiters are all extroverted and born salespeople. However, our people are as different as the roles we work on. While many extroverts make excellent consultants, the confident introvert can also excel. Success is secured through hard-work, drive and an ability to absorb information. There’s training and support to teach you the rest.

Essentially, while a career in recruitment may not be for everyone, it should certainly not be dismissed based on mistaken assertions. Any graduates looking for stimulating and rewarding work should definitely consider it as an option.

If you have any questions about a career as a Recruitment Consultant at Venn Group, please visit our careers website.

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