Happy Venniversary Jade Gorrod

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Yesterday, Jade Gorrod celebrated her 10 year anniversary of working at Venn Group at The Ledbury, with Deirdra Moynihan and Philip Hanna.

We asked her about her experiences over the decade:

Where have the last ten years gone?! I started Venn Group on the legal team in 2008, which was just after the recession hit, so I was very grateful to be given an opportunity to work in a growing and successful business. I then had exposure to recruiting for HR, NHS, Communications and Estates & Facilities. I returned to the Legal team in 2010; my favourite area to recruit for having studied law at university. Since then I have been an Executive Consultant, a Senior Executive Consultant and in 2017 I became the Manager of the London Public Sector Legal team, which was a very proud achievement.

There are too many funny moments to document, but I never tire of hearing what people think my name is when I speak to them on the phone. A particular favourite was when a Partner in a London law firm thought my name was Jade Forehead! Another memorable moment was having to wait 40 minutes for a client meeting at an NHS Trust. Upon querying the delay at the front-desk, a red-faced receptionist explained that she thought I had said ‘vending’, not Venn Group and she had told my client I was here to restock the vending machines.

The only advice I can give to others is to work hard, don’t take anything for granted, and see each day as an opportunity to do something great.

Congratulations Jade! 

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