Happy Venniversary Jennifer Brook

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Congratulations to Jennifer Brook, who celebrated 10 years of working at Venn Group yesterday with Deirdra Moynihan and Philip Hanna, at La Dame de Pic.

We asked about her time at Venn Group so far:

"I remember walking into Venn Group in 2008 to join Financial Services, thinking Lehman Brothers has just collapsed…do I still have a job?!

2008 was the best time I could have joined, as I was determined to be successful having been given this opportunity, and every success that followed was always going to feel like a double win. I joined Financial Services Banking Operations (MV) and after a year of working with our core business, I was given the opportunity to start a new direct team, building clients including Lloyds and Santander. In 2011, we then created a second team in compliance and regulation and I was promoted to Manager in 2013. My move to Legal came at the end of 2013, when I was asked to help grow the London Legal Division, which was then just me and one other (Jade Gorrod). This division now has three teams, and has definitely been my proudest achievement so far.

There have been too many funny moments to count! One of my first was receiving an email which started “Dear Jennifer, I found your business card on the London Wall pavement and wanted to discuss some opportunities with you…” Only 3 months in, I eagerly grabbed Bobby, my Director, before I had finished reading the email, keen to show him the lead I had generated. I was mortified to find out that the email had in fact come from a Director at another recruitment company to discuss new recruitment opportunities! 

More recently my personal favourite was a night out in the Savoy Hotel with Tom Pugh and the one and only, Tom Jones! Having had a few drinks before in the Coal Hole, we were told by colleagues that Tom Jones was there. We proceeded to get a photo with him and convince him to continue the night drinking in the Savoy, singing and dancing in their Piano Bar. Being nearly 2:00am, the bar staff were clearly not impressed, but of course couldn’t say anything. Safe to say, we haven’t been back since!

My advice to anyone starting their career would definitely be to not sweat the little stuff, you can learn from every experience. Success is simply not one straight line and most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years! Consistency is key!"

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