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 Congratulations to Joe Olenka, who has been promoted to Manager of the Healthcare Finance & Procurement team after joining us in 2014. To celebrate this achievement, we asked Joe and his colleagues for comment on his Venn Group journey:

“Joe has consistently outperformed his peers and his promotion is thoroughly deserved. Joe joined soon after graduation and it was clear then that he had lots of potential. This is certainly true today. Well done and welcome to the management team; a fantastic achievement.”

Robert Bowyer, Director

 “The promotion of Joe Olenka to the Manager of Healthcare Finance & Procurement is thoroughly deserved and a result of both his natural ability and hard work. Joe built his reputation initially across the Procurement sector, establishing himself as one of the most knowledgeable and successful recruiters within the market. Subsequently, his transition to Finance and team management has been seamless, demonstrating not only his ability to develop talent but also his agility as a Manager.

Joe’s enthusiasm, dedication and transparent approach is valued by clients, candidates and consultants alike. He has been a pleasure to work with since day one and I wish him continued success throughout his career with Venn Group.”

Simon Hardy, Senior Manager

 “From day one, the time and investment I have been given by management and our internal training team has been exceptional. This has allowed me to develop a rewarding career in a challenging but exciting environment, with realistic opportunities for further growth and personal development.

I am thrilled to have been promoted to Manager and I’m looking forward to continuing my career with Venn Group and seeing what lies ahead.”

Joe Olenka

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