Laura de Ste Croix Promotion

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Congratulations to Laura de Ste Croix, who has been promoted to Manager of the Central & East Housing team. We asked Laura and Senior Manager, Mark Steff for comment on this fantastic achievement:


Laura has been at Venn Group for over nine years and I have had the pleasure of managing her for the last three. Over that time I have really seen her develop, from an outstanding Consultant to become an incredible leader and role model for the team. She has a real invested interest in the Housing industry which has made her become one of the most knowledgeable people at Venn Group on anything Housing related.

Her personable and caring approach has secured her many clients in our patch and candidates put their trust in her. This is certainly not a weakness as when push comes to shove she fights for everything! The fact that she works four days a week, as she looks after her daughter once a week, demonstrates what can be achieved with dedication and hard work. Congratulations on your promotion Laura!

Mark Steff – Senior Manager


“I am delighted to have been promoted to Manager, and the announcement of it at the Consultants’ Top Performers Lunch last Thursday made it extra special for me.  After the birth of my child in 2014, I questioned whether recruitment would still be the right job for me, let alone one I could achieve further success and promotion in working four days a week. I’m so pleased that I have been able to achieve this promotion while having a family, and I am very grateful to Mark and Avtar, who were extremely flexible in the early days and have offered great professional support to help make this a realisation.

I have had the opportunity to recruit for a few different disciplines since starting my career with Venn Group, but the sector I recruit for now is the one I am most passionate about. I’m therefore thrilled to be managing a team that makes best use of this knowledge and experience. I have learnt an incredible amount already in my transition from Executive Consultant to Manager, and it’s this opportunity for continuous learning and success that I’m sure will keep me at Venn Group for many years to come!”

Laura de Ste Croix

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