Social Media vs. Human Interaction

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In a time where social media has become the most prominent form of networking, it poses a question; what is the best networking technique today? Times change and organisations must adapt, but should they be putting a heavy push on social media as the most effective means of networking?

It goes without saying that social media is a very useful tool. Sites such as LinkedIn can give an organisation a huge reach and here at Venn Group we use it on a daily basis. It can help us to connect with clients, keeping updated with their movements in the market and interacting with them online. It also enables us to identify available, high calibre candidates that we can match to our client’s recruitment needs. However, does this detract from the true essence of what networking should be?

The only way to truly get to know and understand an individual and their requirements is to talk to them. This is because it is very easy to be disingenuous on social media, but much more difficult when speaking to someone, whether this is face to face or over the phone.

Taking the time to speak to people also shows a consultant’s level of commitment to building and maintaining relationships, with clients and candidates alike. When deciding who to trust with their business, clients want recruiters to show them that they genuinely care. Therefore, a phone call or visit to their office to check in can go a long way. Similarly, meeting a candidate to help them with interview preparation can really set you apart from other consultants in the market. At Venn Group we continue to build on this after placements have been made, calling both clients and candidates regularly to check that both parties are happy.

Venn Group is committed to building lasting relationships with both clients and candidates and for us, meetings and phone calls are the best way to achieve this. We also regularly attend networking events and conferences, to enhance our excellent existing client relationships and build exciting new contacts for the future.

Social media is a great tool for recruitment and can help agencies to find excellent candidates, but fundamentally it will never allow you to fully connect with these people and get to know them. So whether you are a potential client or candidate, please feel free to get in touch to arrange an introduction in person by calling 0113 234 6400.

Written by Thomas Coyle, Consultant

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