Time for Tolerance

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The International Day for Tolerance is a UN initiative, to remind people across the globe of the importance of respecting each other for our cultural differences.

The UK is home to people of all backgrounds. Our communities are extremely diverse and largely operate cohesively. However, there is more to be done.

In recent years, we have been witnesses to a surge in violent extremism and conflict. On the political stage, opinions differ as to how this should be combated, but in our communities and businesses we must also strive to do our bit towards ensuring equality and peace between cultures.

As a recruitment agency, we can encourage the principle of tolerance by promoting equal opportunities within the workplace. Venn Group welcomes applications from all candidates, for both our internal roles and those we are instructed to work on by our clients. However, with regards to the bigger picture of career progression and opportunity in the UK, there is still room for improvement.

According to a CIPD report in December 2017, black and minority ethnic (BAME) individuals are less likely to get in and get on in the workplace than white individuals. While one in eight of the working age population are from a BAME background, only one in sixteen of top management positions are occupied by them.

There are obvious benefits to having a diverse management structure. It facilitates a greater breadth of ideas and perspectives, which can only advance an organisation’s success. Also, communities are much more likely to engage with a business they can relate to. As our country becomes more diverse – and better for it –  companies must ensure they are reactive to this and take advantage of opportunities to bring people from all backgrounds on board at a senior level.

While the overall issue of tolerance worldwide is a much larger problem, by doing everything we can at home we are at least taking a positive step in the right direction. 

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