Why would anyone want to be a locum?

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“Why would anyone want to be a locum?”

A question my client asked me recently. She had previously never had a need for a temporary member of staff, but now found herself in a situation where a new permanent appointee had rescinded their acceptance of a new role with the firm. The caseload was mounting up and the panic had set in whilst she tried to think of a solution, and that’s when my monthly calls sprung to mind. However, she was wary…

She had heard horror stories of locums “being more trouble then they are worth,” and going into firms and pushing paper around. There also seems to be a stigma that locum candidates are only on the temporary market because they are unable to hold down a permanent role. I understand that there will always be instances where this is the case, but I can assure you that in my experience, the vast majority of locums provide an excellent solution rather than a problem.

At Venn Group, we specialise in temporary recruitment. After working in the legal sector for six years I have come to work with some truly amazing career locums, who genuinely want to go in to an organisation and help them out. There are a variety of reasons why candidates choose to locum and everyone’s personal story is slightly different. Some candidates, having retired from permanent employment, undertake locum assignments to continue their commitment to, and interest in, the legal sector. Others enjoy the ‘trouble shooting’ aspect of going in to a firm and sorting out files that have been left in a mess. There are also locums who benefit from the flexibility of locum work, combining this with other interests, or travelling abroad between assignments.

The legal market has also picked up over the last few years, which can only be a good thing! More and more firms are coming to us for an interim solution whilst they recruit on a permanent basis. This allows them to take the time to recruit the right candidate for them, without feeling pressured and rushing into a decision. We have also found that many our locums, once in a firm, love it so much that they then decide to stay permanently themselves.

Being locum specialists, we often work with the same candidates assignment after assignment and receive regular feedback on their performance from our clients. With new candidates, we have a stringent screening process, ensuring that we have their right to work documentation and all relevant qualifications on file. We also get a minimum of two references spanning the last two years to ensure that we are working with reliable and experienced candidates.

We also provide a consultative approach with our candidates, speaking with them in detail about their requirements in order to best match them with opportunities. For example, if a candidate needs full time secretarial support, we would not put them forward for a role that requires them to be self-sufficient. 

If you are ever in a situation where you find yourself in need of a locum, or if you are thinking of becoming a locum and require any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact me or the Legal Team on 0113 234 6400.

Written by Kelsey Neil, Manager
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