Human Rights Day

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Today marks the 70th anniversary of the UN’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Following a period of great conflict as a result of two world wars, this document was truly a milestone in the move towards equality. It asserted a set of absolute rights that everyone was entitled to. These apply regardless of race, gender, religion or any other distinction.

In the UK, we are lucky to have legal protection of these rights and live in a society that is diverse and largely tolerant. However, it is important to avoid complacency. As today marks the UN Human Right’s Day, we should look to remind ourselves of the importance of respecting all human beings no matter what our physical or ideological differences.

On a global scale, we have a long way to go before complete equality and tolerance can be said to exist; with wars based on race or religion and instances of hate crime and discrimination still occurring. However, the existence of the Declaration and the fact it still stands after 70 years, establishes the universality and precedence of its principles.

In order to progress towards a better future for all human beings, it is important that people know the extent of their rights, so that we can assert both our own entitlements and those of others.

For more information on the rights that are protected by the Declaration, you can view the varied resources as provided by the UN here.



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