Robert Cormac-Walshe Promotion

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Congratulations to Robert Cormac-Walshe on his promotion to Senior Executive Consultant after 18 months at Venn Group. He and James de Ste Croix commented on this milestone:


“Rob’s meteoric rise to Senior Executive Consultant in just 18 short months, after joining Venn Group in June of 2017, really does epitomise what our Pathways & Milestones programme is all about. He joined Venn with no real sales experience but brought with him attributes from his experience in the British Army and working as a personal trainer. Amongst others, these include hard work, an unerring will to win and an open mind to new ideas.

In 18 months he’s been promoted four times, and had more pay rises than that along the way. On top of his own personal success, Rob’s hard work and dedication has allowed multiple NHS organisations in the area to achieve efficiencies and long-term savings with IT and Informatics.

Very well done.”

James de Ste Croix – Senior Manager


“I started at Venn in June 2017 and quickly settled into the team. In only 18 months, I have moved through the Venn Pathways & Milestones programme to reach Senior Executive Consultant; the only consultant with this title in the Milton Keynes office.

I have really enjoyed being able to work autonomously on my file but with support and guidance from my Senior Manager, James de Ste Croix. I’ve worked on a number of exciting and key projects for my clients, which has been very rewarding.  Pathways & Milestones has been great, as it gives a very clear picture of what needs to be done and what the rewards are.

I’m looking forward to another strong year for the IT & Operations team and hope to build on our current position.”

Robert Cormac-Walshe

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