A Transformative 12 months for Healthcare

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The healthcare sector is rarely out of the news, with the NHS being a topic of constant debate. Our Associate Directors, Adam Britton and Greg Jones, look at the changes on the horizon in 2019.

As the NHS celebrated its 70th birthday last year, it received a much-needed cash boost in the Autumn Budget, with the Chancellor confirming that over the next 4 years £20billion will be injected into the health economy. Changes are required to make the NHS sustainable, and this ensures that the necessary funding is available for the scale of these. Subsequently, from a recruitment standpoint we will likely see an increase in interims with a Transformation and Operational background. It will be their job to make the sustainability and transformation plans proposed by government into a reality.

The NHS and wider health economy are set to embrace a new digital era, spearheaded by the new Health Secretary Matthew Hancock. Almost half a billion pounds has been pledged to transform technology in the NHS, in an attempt to reduce staff workloads and improve patient care. In order to do this, many NHS trusts are encouraging going completely paperless, developing apps and artificial intelligence. The latter of these could result in major advances in available treatments and improve the prospects of those who have potentially fatal diseases; such as cancer.

In an effort to streamline quality of care for the population and ensure efficient usage of public money, NHS England and NHS Improvement have outlined plans to work much closer together. A new NHS Executive Group and an NHS Assembly will be established, headed by two new Chief Executives. They will oversee all national and regional directors from the two arms of the NHS. This will herald a profound shift in the way the NHS is led at national and regional level, with important implications for Trusts and their leaders.

Patient safety is always a hot topic and will continue to be. Aidan Fowler, the new Director for Patient Safety for NHSI, has set out a number of new directives. The main one is that all NHS trusts will be expected to appoint Patient Safety Directors, working at a senior level within a new national structure designed to deliver ‘uniformity’ and help reduce patient harm.

With all the different pressures the NHS is under and the recent release of the NHS 10 year plan, what we can be certain of is that there will be lots of twist and turns in the coming 12 months. The Healthcare landscape will be completely different in December 2019.

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