To Err is Human

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This year I am going to……….

A new year regularly stimulates reflection and realignment, and many will have started 2019 with goals and aims for the year ahead.

As we approach the end of the January, it is about now that even the best intentions can begin to waver. Whether it be finding a new job, learning a new skill or a health goal, it can be hard to maintain drive when routines settle, and the pressures of everyday life return after the festive period. However, whatever your aims, motivation can be maintained by following the below:


1.       Understand your goal

This starts by questioning your goal. Why did I pick this goal? What will success be? How will it change my outlook? When you have these answers don’t just think them; write them down. This is the process of reaffirming them to yourself. 

Another cause of depleting motivation is overcomplication. To avoid this, refine your goal to one simple concept rather than several different strands.

2.       Plan and chart

Like all battles, success mostly comes from meticulous planning and acceptance of how small victories go towards the bigger picture. By planning, you bring your future and your aim into your present step by step.


3.       Embrace the slips

As Alexander Pope said, “To err is human; to forgive, divine”. Accept that you will fall along the way, and when you do work out why it happened. From the lapses you will learn. For example, do you doubt yourself later in the evening, or was procrastination responsible? 

Whatever the reason, once acknowledged you can start to understand how to avoid it in the future and celebrate your ability and drive to continue. You can then…


4.       Change your habits

By nature, your goal is probably something you have not done before. Therefore, to achieve it, you will often need to break a pattern. 

It is changes in behaviour that will lead to success. If you keep doing things the same way you will get the same results and not progress. If you struggle to find the drive to do this, remind yourself of the reason you picked your goal in the first place and the benefits of achieving it.

5.       Share your goals

Strangely, we usually find it easier to let ourselves down than other people. Subsequently, telling everyone your goal will give you the figurative kick needed to get it done. It also gives you a support network of people to cheer you on along the way and pick you up when you hit stumbling blocks.


If your goal was to find a new position for 2019, then Venn Group would be delighted to support you. For more details on the opportunities in your area, please get in touch with our offices. You can find their contact details here.

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