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In the current political climate, there is constant discussion taking place on the topic of leadership. Politicians across parties are making public stands against their heads for various reasons, spurring us to consider the qualities of a successful leader.

We asked our consultants for their thoughts on what makes someone a strong leader. The four recurring themes that emerged from this were:


1.      A tailored approach

In much the same way as we have to provide a tailored service to our clients, depending on factors such as budgets, time frames and circumstances, leaders need to apply this ideology to their team members.

“A one size fits all approach does not always work nor does it get the best out of your consultants.” Jade Gorrod – Legal

“It’s not your team’s responsibility to adapt to you, it’s your responsibility as a manager to adapt to your team.” Stephen Maxwell – Technology


2.      Lead by example

A matter of basic human development, from the moment we are born we look to our seniors as to how we should behave. In the workplace, by showing you are equally committed to working tirelessly towards the success of the team, your colleagues will be inspired to do the same.

“Leaders should never ask others to do something they are not prepared to do themselves.” Johnny Shaw – Technology

“Lead from the front – they need to see you doing the job to win their respect, rather than just being a hollow ship.” James A. de Ste Croix – Technology


3.      Promote a clear vision

Ultimately, even if your team are inherently inclined to work hard, they will never be completely invested in the success of the team if there is a lack of ultimate objective or vision.

“A leader’s clear communication of ‘vision’ reinforces shared goals and aligns the individual with collective responsibilities to achieve.” Rula Tripolitaki – Local Government

“People are the key to the success of any team, and to engage individuals it is vital that they know what they are working towards and why. If they have played a part in forming that vision, then all the better.” Thomas Brown – Housing


4.      Use emotional intelligence

It is very important for leaders to have emotional intelligence and use this at work. If someone has a good sense of self-awareness, they understand their own strengths and weaknesses, but also know how their actions may affect others.

“Have empathy…Communicate honest but constructive feedback.” Sarah Onions – Finance

“Good leaders need to be able to instruct and organise, but also have to give the same respect they receive; if their followers aren’t treated with humanity then they’ll go elsewhere.” Anders Egeland-Eriksen – Finance


To conclude, leaders should offer direction and support, but also inspire their teams to want to succeed as individuals.

As Ralph Nader said: “The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”

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