The Importance of a Positive Mental Attitude

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It seems that the majority of my family, friends and vague acquaintances that drift in and out of my life seem to be affected to some extent by anxiety. The magnitude and the implications of this vary greatly depending on the individual. For some, the affects of anxiety are crippling to the extent that they can’t leave their bedrooms, let alone their houses. Others will appear to be functioning perfectly well on the surface, but underneath will desperately be trying to silence the negative thoughts that are leading to a deterioration of their state of mind.

Anxiety is described as “a nervous disorder marked by excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behaviour or panic attacks” in the Oxford dictionary. Seeing how it has affected those close to me, I would simply it as overwhelming negative thoughts, impeding one’s ability to live their life as they would normally.

Generalised anxiety affects 5% of the population according to NHS statistics, and up to 15% of UK population suffer from a less severe form according to Anxiety UK’s latest research. This means that around one in seven of the people you know will be dealing with anxiety on a day to day basis. There’s a long list of eclectic solutions to deal with it, however a mixture of cognitive behavioural therapy, medication and physical exercise seems to be the dominant school of thought on the topic. From Prozac to hypnotism, jogging and maybe even all three combined if you’re feeling brave.

From my own unaccredited and utterly unqualified perspective, I believe that the best way to treat anxiety is to try adopting a more positive mind-set and stance on life. Acknowledging the fact that stress and anxiety, as with every other emotion we feel, are the result of complex chemical reactions that occur within the brain, is key. When speaking to those close to me that suffer with anxiety, I always try reminding them that they can counteract negative thoughts with positive ones. You are in control of your own being, and it is good to remind ourselves of every aspect of our lives that is going well. Regardless of one’s situation, there is always a reason to feel optimistic.

My philosophy for life is to be as positive as humanly possible and take control of your situation. There is no point dwelling on the negatives. Instead, the most important thing is to learn from your mistakes, do your very best and be diligent in doing your utmost to go to sleep better than you woke up.

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.” — Dalai Lama

Article written by Riley Garnett


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