From Graduate to Recruitment Consultant

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18 months ago I had just finished the last of my days at university and had the daunting task of trying to find my way onto the first rung of the employment ladder. Before leaving, I had numerous meetings with a careers advisor, who tried to help me unravel my calling in life and inform me about the job best suited to me. 

In truth not much came out of these meetings, apart from learning of an industry called ‘recruitment’. Despite not knowing much about what a job in recruitment entailed, it was a channel for me to explore.  After uploading my CV online, I was approached by various people, wanting to discuss opportunities within the industry. From these conversations, as well as those with friends and family, I learnt that there was a perception it could be quite a ruthless career path; famous for its cold calls and high targets. Honestly, this did not really bother me. My main concern was getting a job and even in the early stages of my search, it was apparent that recruitment was thriving with plenty of options for graduates.

I shortly received an invitation to interview here at Venn Group, and the rest is history. The company changed my preconceptions right from the off because of the friendly team environment. It was a pleasant surprise, as I feared that the role of a recruitment consultant might be quite lonely at times; celebrating your own successes and having to pick yourself up after losses. On the contrary, while working at Venn Group I have had great and not so great moments, but what has been encouraging is the intrinsic support. I can’t speak for all other consultancies regarding comradery amongst colleagues, but it is certainly present at Venn Group.

I quickly learnt that in this role, anything can happen. You will have amazing weeks followed by disappointing ones. You can prepare a candidate up to their eyeballs before an interview, for them drop out 10 minutes beforehand. Equally, you can find the perfect candidate, who gets the job without even needing to interview. You never know what is around the corner, with this aspect of the role continuing to intrigue and frustrate me equally. It requires a strong level of persistence and resolve that can take time to develop.

What has been apparent from the moment I walked through the door, is the quality training and development that is on offer. Considering I only became aware of the recruitment industry’s existence in the month leading to me starting, it was fair to say I did not know what I was doing at first. However, I have been equipped with the necessary skills to ensure that I can do the job effectively.

For most things in life you learn by doing; this job is no different. I have been told by colleagues who have worked here for many years that the learning process is continuous. Regardless of seniority, you can always find a way to improve. Asking questions is also a good thing. In fact it is crucial, especially in the early part of your career, to admit that you don’t know. I have tried to implement this every day since starting, and for the most part it appears to be working.

I read an article a couple of months ago about why so many graduates are starting to work for recruitment consultancies. It was argued that they found the commission factor very attractive, as it meant hard work would be financially rewarded. I would agree, as the role has the potential to help pay off student loans, which certainly is not the case in every job. However, I would argue that there are other reasons why they are flocking to recruitment. Firstly, the environment is friendly and sociable, suiting those transitioning from student life to the working world. Secondly, the unpredictability is exciting. Many graduates want to be gripped by the challenge of their work and recruitment certainly cannot be accused of being boring or easy. Finally, you are given the tools you need to learn and develop, providing a clear path for progression. This is beneficial for those who may feel a little lost after finishing their studies. 

All things considered I have learnt a huge amount since starting. I have been successful, and I have made mistakes. If someone had told me that I would be in this position when I first started, two promotions already secured, I would not have believed them. I guess what it proves is that the recruitment industry really can provide fantastic opportunities for graduates like me, and from my experience, Venn Group certainly can.

Article written by Ben Bruce-Smith


If you are a graduate looking for new challenge within a welcoming environment, than a role at Venn Group might be for you. We are looking for new people to join our team, so please visit our careers website for more information.

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