How to master the video interview

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Following our introduction of video interviewing in the recruitment process for our exclusive client partnerships, we have compiled a set of key tips to ensure that when you press record, you’ll be poised for success.

  • Understand the process
    Each software might have slightly different instructions, so whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned video interviewer, it is always important to thoroughly read the guidance provided. While mistakes may be rectifiable, they could indicate to the hiring manager a lack of care and preparation.

  • Location, location, location
    While video interviewing gives candidates the capacity to interview anywhere, there are some places that should be avoided. Busy locations with background noise or action are not viable, as you want the client to be focused solely on you; any distractions will hinder the impact of your answers, no matter how good they are in content.

  • Appearances still count
    Just because the location may be more informal, does not mean your approach should be. It is advisable to dress as you would for a normal interview, which will also aid you in maintaining a professional mindset. One of the benefits of video interviewing is that clients can still observe body language, so ensure you smile and hold strong posture throughout to convey your confidence.

  • Be personal
    Your consultant will have supplied you with the name of the client, so be sure to greet them and introduce yourself at the start of the video to ensure you engage with them immediately. For example:

    “Good Morning Mr/Ms [client surname], my name is …. and I am pleased to be given the opportunity to interview for the position of [job title] at [company name].”

  • No technical faults
    There are a whole host of technical elements to video interviewing that you do not usually need to think about for traditional face to face meetings. Wherever you decide to hold the interview, you should make sure the area is well-lit so the viewer can clearly see you and check that the audio on your microphone is working.

  • Make ‘eye contact’
    While the lack of a human interviewer may make this difficult, it is still important to replicate eye contact by looking into the camera as opposed to the screen. This will allow you to forge some kind of connection with the hiring manager despite them not being physically present at the time of filming.


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