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Last year saw phenomenal success for Venn Group’s very own karate star, Sophie Powell. Backed by Venn Group sponsorship, she achieved an impressive haul of silverware, topped off by two bronze medals at the KSI World Championships last July. Even more impressively, she did all this while continuing her pivotal role as a Senior Consultant in our Midlands office.

The coming year holds great promise for Sophie, and so we are thrilled to announce we are continuing our sponsorship for 2019. We asked Sophie what this means for her journey and what we can look forward to over the course of the year:

The support last year from Venn Group meant everything to me. As the Shukokai Karate Federation (SKF) is an amateur association, members of the England squad are required to self-fund their international competitions. Without my Venn Group sponsorship, I genuinely wouldn’t have been able to afford to go to Sweden and represent my country in the KSI World Championships, so it is massively appreciated.

Looking ahead, I’ve got personal goals that I would like to achieve. I’ve been back competing for two years now and although I have been fortunate enough to win multiple medals, I am yet to reach an individual national or international final. That is definitely an objective for this year. My biggest event in 2019 will be the KSI European Championships, held in Portugal in October, and it would be great to achieve this there.

I learned a lot last year, which will help me to realise these goals. Firstly, I became more confident in my ability. I previously focused on the struggles of getting back into competing at an international level and balancing this with a full-time recruitment job, but I have proved to myself that I can do it. Secondly, I have stopped feeling the need to make excuses when I make mistakes in training or competitions. Instead, I take it on the chin, build on it, and improve with every session and match.

I have more opportunities to grow ahead of October, with the SKF National Championships approaching on the 16th March. Following this I’ll have the SKF HQ Championships in June and the SKF Kimura Championships at the end of September. At the European Championships, I am confident in both my own and my new team’s abilities, so would like to come home with multiple medals from the tournament. My ultimate goal would be a medal in each event, and there is no reason in my mind why this cannot be achieved.

It is incredible to work in an environment where I feel so supported by my colleagues. Having Venn Group behind me has really spurred me on in all my competitions, and this will definitely continue in 2019.

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