Why clients choose video interviewing

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For over two decades we have supported candidates and clients with their recruitment and career needs. Our stringent screening process and knowledge of the market has made us a trusted recruitment partner, and our recent introduction of video interviewing software provides even more effective and efficient access to employment solutions.

This offering is rapidly increasing in popularity with our clients, and below are some of the main reasons our partners choose video interviewing:

  • A targeted approach
    By creating a bespoke set of questions aimed solely for your specific role assessment, you can drill down to exactly what criteria is important to you

  • Consistency
    The standardised structure of a video interview means that every candidate is given the exact same opportunity to impress and express their suitability for your position
  • Easy scheduling
    The ability for candidates to complete video interviews remotely means there is no need to co-ordinate diaries and rooms to facilitate multiple appointments

  • Don’t lose out on candidates
    Moreover, sometimes the time taken to arrange an interview can result in candidates being taken off the market before you have had the opportunity to assess. The flexibility of video interviewing sharply decreases this risk

  • Access to passive candidates
    For candidates already in work, attending an interview can be difficult, meaning it is something they will only do if they are resolutely determined to move jobs. The ease of video interviewing opens up a whole new pool of individuals who are a great fit for the role, but might not be at that stage just yet

  • Less small talk
    On average, only 65% of an interview is based on core assessment. With video interviewing you can cut straight to the point, which saves time and provides focus
  • Observe body language
    In contrast to telephone interviewing, video still allows you to assess body language and non-verbal cues that can be crucial to gaining insight into a candidate’s credibility
  • Reduce wasted time
    Unfortunately, ‘no shows’ can happen when interviewing, but video means that no time and resource is lost should a candidate choose not to partake

  • A greener option
    With environmental issues increasingly at the forefront of public consciousness, businesses are expected to do their bit towards greener operations. By allowing remote video interviewing, you negate the need for travel which subsequently cuts emissions

  • Reserve your resources
    For especially important hiring decisions, you may decide that a face to face meeting is still necessary following initial agency shortlisting and subsequent video interviews. However, adding this second stage to your recruitment process means you only reserve time and effort for candidates you already know are competitive

  • Attention to detail
    A candidate’s preparation for a video interview can provide even deeper insight into their approach to their career. For example, have they taken care to set it up with good lighting, a clear picture and have they checked the sound quality?

  • Communication skills
    If communication is a key skill in a role then video interviewing is the perfect vehicle to assess it. The format means participants must portray themselves clearly and effectively first time around, as there is no opportunity to reclarify or delve deeper

  • A better environment
    Video interviewing allows a candidate to set the scene themselves, in their own time and somewhere that they feel comfortable and relaxed. This will give them the best opportunity to perform well and for the interviewer to get a true sense of their personality and qualities

  • Easy reviewal
    This benefit also applies to you as the hiring manager, as you can watch candidates’ responses in your own time and place as well. This means you can fit it in to your day or week whenever is most effective for you, as opposed to booking out time in advance before knowing exactly what your workload will be at that point

If you would like to find out more about utilising video interviewing for your recruitment plans, please get in touch with our team by emailing info@venngroup.com.

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