Venn Group attends Women Mean Business event

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 by Rula Tripolitaki and Jade Gorrod1 comment


This morning we were delighted to join London Borough of Sutton at Nonsuch High School for Girls as women ambassadors for their Women Mean Business networking event.

The successful women ambassadors connected to the borough came from a diverse range of career paths, including local business owners, lawyers, firefighters, police and nurses alongside us. Venn Group has worked with the London Borough of Sutton across various services for many years and it was great to directly contribute to their important work with young people.

The Head Teacher opened with a strong welcome to us all with "Good morning powerful women!" and described the event as a "celebration of International Women’s Day". She directed the 50+ Year 8 students in attendance to take this opportunity to "extend the ladder" and become "10% braver" in their ambitions to become future leaders.

Following the introduction, everyone was told the rules of engagement. The assembly hall was set up with multiple desks, where three or four of the students had the opportunity to 'interview' a women ambassador under timed sessions. The ring of a bell indicated that it was time for the girls to move on to speak with the next ambassador. The girls had prepared the questions they wanted to ask, which meant that the conversation flowed throughout the hour. Questions ranged from “How does the way you motivate your candidates differ from how you motivate yourself?”, “What do interviewers like to see on CVs?” and “What should you do to impress in an interview?”

We were truly impressed with the enthusiasm from the pupils that we encountered at Nonsuch High School for Girls today and were delighted to be able to add social value in this way and lend our expertise to advise and motivate these young women on how they can shape their futures.


Article written by Rula Tripolitaki and Jade Gorrod

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