A year of progress for Venn Group Consultancy

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Venn Group Consultancy (part of Venn Group Limited) have been deliberately breaking the mould since May 2017, in an effort to prove that consultancy services do not need to be overly complicated or unnecessarily expensive.

As one financial year ends and another begins, it’s prudent to review the last year and assess where we’ve come, what we’ve learned and make sure that we have our priorities straight moving forward.

We have tackled some complex themes in the Local Government space over the last year; from multi-year council-wide Digital Transformation, Homelessness Reduction, Violence Reduction, Public Health Outcomes (substance misuse, obesity, dementia and oral health among many others), as well as delivering quick and effective results on time critical projects across policy, strategy development, engagement and campaigns.

Our core objective is to deliver outcomes that make a difference and we’re proud of our work to date.

What our delivery looks like in 2018/2019*

Don’t ask, don’t know

However, it’s not really our opinion that matters to us. We make a concerted effort not to talk to ourselves about ourselves, as there’s no real value there, so here is the latest from our March 2019 Service Review documenting the opinions of those who have worked with us in the last 12 months.

What our clients are saying

What our Associates are saying

Forward is forward

This year is proving to be full of exciting opportunities and innovations across the sector. We are enjoying all the challenges coming our way, delivering sound and fit-for-purpose outcomes whilst intent on adding value and bringing social value into every aspect of our work.

We’ve still got a long way to go in achieving our ambitions, but our collaborative and transparent approach is clearly the right one.

Most importantly, we never pass up the chance to work on improving and developing ourselves and thank all those who have taken part in our service review so far.

 To find out more about Venn Group Consultancy's extensive work in the Local Government sector, please visit our website here.

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