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Yesterday Hannah Harward and Tim Goggin attended the Quarterly LCCI Property & Construction Breakfast Club.

Unsurprisingly, much of the discussion centred on the on-going uncertainty surrounding Brexit, which has slowed growth in the capital. There were a number of other key topics that were raised during the session.

The Capital 500 Economic Survey for Q1 provided a challenging overview of economic demand and investment within the city. Nevertheless, the need for top talent within businesses continues to grow. In fact, the survey found that within the participating businesses, the need to recruit has increased by 15%. Moreover, 63% of those looking to hire have stated they have encountered difficulties. This can partly be explained by the fact that the UK’s employment rates are the highest they have been since records began in the 1970s. Therefore, many of the best candidates are already in roles, and the point was raised that they are less likely to look for a new position during these uncertain times. This makes it increasingly difficult for hiring managers to find high calibre professionals for their vacancies.

In terms of development opportunities in the city, while residential expansion has been slightly slower in past months, the Mayor of London has plans to build on derelict and underdeveloped land within the City. Sean McKee (Director of Policy and Public Affairs) outlined the LCCI’s recommendations regarding these plans; that this space could be utilised to house London’s emergency workers. It was estimated that it could provide bases for approximately 20,000 workers and in turn vastly improve emergency response time to major incidences.

Finally, although we can attribute the UK’s slow growth in Q1 to Brexit, worldwide economies have also taken a slight dip, so we are not completely out of sync on an international basis. Ultimately, what we took from the event is that although the political climate has proven to have testing effects on the Property & Construction sector, clients’ needs to recruit have not declined.

If you are looking to recruit within your team in the Property & Construction sector, or are looking for a new opportunity, then please get in touch with Hannah or Tim by emailing or respectively. Alternatively, please call our London office on 020 7557 7667.

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