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The recruitment industry continues to develop at exceptional pace, with the latest figures from the REC showing an increase in growth of 11% to £35.5 billion in the UK during 2018.

Subsequently, there are an abundance of opportunities within the industry, at companies of all sizes and specialisms. If you are interested in a career as a recruitment consultant, it can be difficult to discern what differentiates each agency, but there are a few things that Venn Group specifically offers to be aware of:


1.      No experience, no problem

We believe the qualities that make an exceptional recruitment consultant are not experience based, and so are proud to recruit people from all manner of social, career and academic backgrounds. We firmly believe in the quality of our training to teach you the specific skills and knowledge needed to succeed, so long as you have drive, tenacity and an exceptional work ethic.


2.      Committed to your career

While we expect commitment and hard work from our new starters, we reciprocate this with an equal commitment into your development. From your first day, you will not only receive training on core skills in the form of individual and group sessions, but you will also immediately start building relationships with client and candidates. While this can be a daunting prospect for those new to the industry, this will all be done alongside close mentoring from your team, to ensure that no opportunity is wasted. The result is accelerated progression and ability to earn.


3.      Better together

Our team structure means that even on the difficult days – which are inevitable in any career – you have an immediate support network to help you through. Beyond the comradery between employees, our team commission scheme also adds a tangible financial incentive for your colleagues and management to ensure your success. This all facilitates a truly collaborative culture; one that makes for a social and rewarding working environment for any new starter.


4.      A path for progression

Implemented in 2017, our Pathways & Milestones programme ensures optimum transparency with regards to progression. Set financial benchmarks determine promotion, salary and commission increases, making it easy for consultants to grasp what is expected and attainable at each stage of their career.


These four points only scratch the surface of why Venn Group offers great prospects for any potential consultant. We would encourage anybody interested in learning more to look at our dedicated careers website and contact our Talent Acquisition team at talent@venngroup.com.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.

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