Beating the Monday Blues

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The antithesis to the ‘Friday feeling’, Monday blues have become somewhat of a phenomenon within the working world. The coining of the phrase can be something as insignificant as a social media hashtag, or an unshakeable feeling of dread. Either way, they are not something to ignore. Regardless of where on the spectrum you fall, here are a few ways to make sure Mondays don’t necessitate negativity:

  1. Prepare

    On Fridays it can be tempting to wind down ahead of the weekend and put off doing any particularly difficult tasks until a later date. That ‘later date’ will usually have to be Monday. While there are immediate benefits to this, it is only a delay mechanism as opposed to an elimination. The stress will be amplified on Monday morning when you are closer to deadlines and have to balance them with tasks that the new week brings. No matter how unpleasant or difficult, at least you’ll have the weekend to recuperate if you do the jobs on Friday.

  2. Make plans

    Take away the stigma that Mondays are a day to grin and bear. No matter how big or small, ensure you always do something on a Monday which gives you something to look forward to. This could be treating yourself to a great lunch, meeting friends after work or even just watching an episode of your favourite TV show.

  3. Be positive
    Ahead of Monday, rather than dwelling on any difficulties you may face, think of at least three things you enjoy about your work and one thing you are excited about that is happening that week. Taking five minutes to foster the ‘cup half full’ approach can do wonders for your overall mindset and remind you why you chose this particular job in the first place.

However, if this doesn’t help, there may be an underlying issue that needs addressing. Whilst dwelling on the negatives is something to avoid, if you cannot think of positive elements of your work then writing down the things that are bothering you could be useful instead. This can help you to affirm what the problems are and subsequently take practical steps towards alleviating them. It may be something that a simple conversation with your line manager can fix.

On the other hand, the Monday blues are not reserved solely for those with career related anxieties. If you are happy in your job and life is generally running smoothly but you still feel low, then it is imperative to address this. The importance of mental health is increasingly promoted in public consciousness, with this week being Mental Health Awareness Week. Venn Group specifically supports the mental health of its employees by partnering with Lifeworks, a wellbeing resource that offers a 24-hour telephone counselling service alongside online help on topics ranging from family life, career progression and managing money to name a few.

By continuing to promote mental health awareness both in and out of the workplace, we can hopefully strive towards a happier and healthier society for every day; not just Mondays. If you are reading this and would like more information about Mental Health Awareness Week or mental health issues, please click here to visit the Mind website.

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