James Feeney Promotion

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Congratulations to James Feeney, who has been promoted to Manager within our Midlands Finance business unit. To celebrate this fantastic achievement, we asked for comment from James, his former Manager, Luke Grant and Director, Avtar Singh:


“I am delighted to announce the promotion of James Feeney to Manager of Midlands Transactional Finance.

James has been an integral part of the C&I Finance team and someone who has developed excellent working relationships with his clients and candidates. James has the ability to get sole agency assignments due to his understanding and trust gained from clients over the years.

James is a natural trainer and someone who can nurture talent and bring the best out in his consultants. This promotion is thoroughly deserved, and I look forward to seeing James’ continued success and development at Venn Group in the years to come.

He is a pleasure to work with.”

Avtar Singh – Director


“For any Consultant with the ambition to become a Manager, James is a fantastic of example of how an individual should strive to be.

Externally, James’ empathy and understanding of candidates is second to none. His open, honest and caring approach is exactly how a recruiter should be with candidates. Furthermore, he has built excellent levels of trust and understanding with his clients, who know they can rely on James to provide solutions even in the most difficult market conditions.

Internally, James is a pleasure to work with and is always on hand to provide support and advice to others around him. He has been instrumental in the success of the Midlands Finance division and many consultants have flourished under his stewardship.

I am delighted to see James achieve this milestone in his career. It is thoroughly deserved, and I look forward to seeing his success continue in the years to come.”

Luke Grant – Manager


“Having worked for Venn Group since 2011, I am delighted to have been promoted to Manager. After a rocky start, I questioned whether recruitment was the right job for me, but I stuck at it and once I started working for Wilko (Andrew Wilkinson) he listened to a few of my calls and quickly told me to show more personality, as my calls weren’t “standing out”. This advice really helped me, and I started to build strong relationships with clients and candidates.

After a couple of years working on the Transactional Finance Team, I teamed up with Luke Grant to create the Senior Finance Team in which Luke became the manager. Working with Luke was great and as he is very process driven, it helped me improve my time management/organisation skills, and I wouldn’t have been promoted if it wasn’t for Luke. After a year on the Senior Finance Team, I started recruiting for the manufacturing sector and built up a good relationship with Jaguar Land Rover which helped me get promoted to Executive Consultant, and then Senior Executive Consultant when Pathways & Milestones came in to play.

When the opportunity came up to move away from Luke and the Senior Finance Team, I left with a heavy heart but jumped at the opportunity to go back to where I began on Transactional Finance. Working with Taran and Patrick has been brilliant, which has made the transition very easy for me and I am excited to help progress their careers too.

I am learning new things every day and I am really looking forward to the challenge ahead!”

James Feeney

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