Michael Burnip Promotion

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Congratulations to Michael Burnip, who has been promoted to Manager of London Healthcare Commissioning & Operations.

We asked Michael, his Associate Director, Adam Britton and Director, Robert Bowyer for comment on this milestone:


“Michael thoroughly deserves his promotion. He has been an integral part of the Healthcare team for many years, always delivering to exceptionally high standards. Michael’s upbeat demeanour has helped him develop an excellent reputation with his clients and candidates, and this approach has been a crucial ingredient for his successes.

Commissioning & Operations are in very good hands. I am very excited for the future, with this being the first step of Michael’s management career.”

Robert Bowyer – Director


“Well done to Michael on being promoted to Manager of the Commissioning & Operations team. Michael has been excellent at cultivating a team that excels, and his positive energy, enthusiasm and drive are key in their continued success.

Michael has built up an unrivalled knowledge base and continues to provide an exemplary service to his clients and candidates, alongside managing a high performing team. I wish him all the best in his new role.”

Adam Britton – Associate Director


“I joined Venn in June 2012 and it has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences so far. I’ve dabbled in Healthcare IT, Education IT, Communications and even chased the glitzy lights of Hollywood before finding myself at the helm of Commissioning and Operations.

I am delighted to be managing a team I helped conceive at the start of 2014, and have had incredible support from the management around me along the way. Not only those from my immediate business unit, but management across the business have invested in my development and played a crucial part in my success. So thank you to you all!”

Michael Burnip

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