Shianne Benning Promotion

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Congratulations to Shianne Benning, who has been promoted to Senior Executive Consultant within our Midlands Finance business unit. To celebrate this fantastic achievement we asked Shianne, her Senior Manager and Director for comment.


“A huge congratulations to Shianne Benning on her promotion to Senior Executive Consultant on Transactional Finance in the Midlands.

She is a determined and competitive individual and someone who leads by example. Shianne always pushes herself to be the best in her market and inspires confidence in her team, and she has the ability to develop new consultants and break new clients.

Shianne has developed some excellent working relationships with her clients and I am sure that her career will thrive over the next few years at Venn.

It’s a pleasure to have her within my business unit; very well done Benning!”

Avtar Singh - Director


“Shianne started at Venn Group back in November 2015 and grew her billing to become a Senior Consultant within two years. At this point she then decided to put a bigger emphasis on building relationships with her clients and ever since the success has kept on coming! She has built up trust levels with her clients and combined this with an uncanny ability to find solutions when other agencies couldn’t. As a result of this, she now works as an exclusive supplier to some of the biggest recruiters in the Midlands.

Shianne is a shining example of the fact that if you have drive and ambition, coupled with an openness to keep improving, that there is no limit to what you can achieve!”

Andrew Wilkinson – Senior Manager


“I joined Venn Group in November 2015 and I can proudly say I’m a long-standing member of my team. Since Pathways & Milestones came in to effect, I have been determined to succeed.

I’ve had continuous support and advice throughout my career at Venn Group from my Director, Senior Manager and Managers. I’ve always been encouraged to step outside my comfort zone and work on any development areas to improve my skills and grow my career, and I am very grateful for this.”

Shianne Benning

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