Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

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To mark Mental Health Awareness Week at Venn Group we have been working with our management team to try and improve their understanding and approach to dealing with mental health in the workplace.

Mental health is more pertinent than ever, with more than seven in ten people having experienced mental health problems during their lifetime according to Mind. It is therefore essential employers continue to make mental health a focal point of their employee wellbeing strategy, including equipping their management team with the required skills to support this.

In line with this, we recently held several training sessions for our managers in conjunction with LifeWorks, focusing on mental health awareness. Our Head of HR, Kirsty MacDougall explained why we chose to do this:

Following feedback from our managers, the mental health of their employees was high on their agenda. While they recognised the mental health and wellbeing of their teams is as important as their physical health, they felt less equipped to support them in this area.”

The sessions were designed to help our managers gain a basic understanding of mental health, such as the different types of mental health problems and recognising the signs to spot them. In addition, they helped us to understand the impact workplace culture can have and identify ways our management team can support their own and other people’s mental health. These include ensuring a positive and supportive work culture and environment as well as encouraging personal wellbeing.

This training was extremely popular and one of our managers had this to say following the session:

“The training provided by Lifeworks was a great way for us to understand the basics of mental health and how this can effect individuals. Having a better understanding of how mental health might effect employees, how to recognise this and how to start a conversation about it will help us to support the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce.

The session was really informative and the statistics surrounding mental health were quite alarming, which emphasises the priority of this topic in the workplace. Not only that, but it was actually really practical in terms of the tools we can take away as managers and use to support our employees’ wellbeing.

This type of management training is not all we do to support our employees' wellbeing, as we offer a range of means to enhance this. These include offering all our staff 24-hour access to the LifeWorks employee assistance programme, opportunities to keep active through discounted gym memberships, sports clubs and a ride to work scheme, private health care cover and various volunteering opportunities plus much more. All of this operates in tandem with Venn Group’s supportive team-based environment.

By supporting employees with their mental health, we are working towards improving the wellbeing of everyone at Venn Group.


Article written by Lucy Worf

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