Celebrating a decade of success

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Today, Sophie Anderson celebrated a decade at Venn Group with Philip Hanna and Deirdra Moynihan with a meal 100ft in the air at London in the Sky.

We asked Sophie about her time at Venn Group so far:


“I started at Venn Group in 2009 on the public sector finance team reporting to Johnny Shaw and Stan Murray-Hession. Anyone that knows them will know it was a real experience meeting them for the first time! After a year I was given the opportunity to join the new North East Legal team reporting to Lynne Nicoll and working alongside David Febrero; I jumped at the chance. This led to all three of us living it up in Birmingham for a month, whilst training with the already established Midlands Legal Team.

The North Legal team then split, with teams being based in both Leeds and Manchester, and I got the opportunity to step up and become Manager of the North East side. It was then decided to merge the Leeds and Manchester teams, so I was now responsible for looking after all of the North. The division grew from strength to strength, with Ross Gilder taking over as our Director and me being promoted to Senior Manager. I now look after 3 teams, with Kelsey Neil and Liam Wilkinson as Managers.

There have been many funny moments during my time at Venn, but my funniest would have to be when I was working on the jobs desk by the front door to the office, quite drowsy with a bad head cold. I had big chunks of tissue stuck up both nostrils to stop the feeling of constantly wanting to sneeze, and when the door bell rang, I didn’t hesitate to go let the candidate in and put them in a room for their registration, tissues up my nose and all…

If I were to give any words of wisdom to others, these would be that you get out what you put in. If you work hard, the rewards will come.”


Congratulations Sophie!

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