Why are you suitable for this role?

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As with the strengths and weaknesses question we covered in part one of this series, it is almost certain that an interviewer will ask you to detail your reasoning and motivations for pursuing a particular role. It is therefore of pivotal importance to have a strong answer at the ready.

Based on the reasonable assumption that you are interested in the job you are interviewing for, you could be forgiven for thinking that answering this question does not require much planning or thought. However, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of lacking conviction and proof of your sentiment if you answer on impulse. The following tips will ensure that when the question comes, you are ready and waiting with an answer that will impress.


The perfect match

While your initial response to this question may well be, “Because I really want the job and think I’d be good at it”, it will take more than this to convince a hiring manager of your suitability. This question is really asking you to delve into the specific requirements and competencies in the job description, and match your skills and qualities to them. Depending on the role, these can vary from technical knowledge to your personality and approach to work.


Prove it

Even if you tick every box in the person specification, it is not enough to just state that you have these qualities. Without evidence these are empty claims, so in order to back up your answers you must look to previous experience. This can be from other jobs if moving within the same industry, or out of office endeavours if making a notable career change.

When using examples, our Senior Manager, Jennifer Brook always advises using the STAR structure, as “delivery is absolutely key, and can make an average answer much better”. STAR stands for:


Situation: Briefly describe the event or circumstances
Task: Explain what it is you had to deliver, or your specific responsibility in the situation
Action: What you did to meet the challenge
Result: Summarise the result (which was hopefully successful!)


By using this approach, you will present your thoughts and reasoning in a clear way, perfectly illustrating your suitability to the hiring manager and instilling their confidence in you.


Show your enthusiasm

While a strong answer is crucial, it is also important to prove genuine interest in the opportunity on offer. The interviewer is looking to ascertain that you will be a positive addition to the workplace. One way of doing this is by referring to elements of the job description you find particularly interesting. This proves you have done your research on the role and gives you the opportunity to let your personality come across.


Finally, people can often forget the simple things under pressure, such as smiling and giving positive body language. Preparing thoroughly using the above techniques should help to alleviate this, enabling you to appear confident and relaxed, which will impress any hiring manager.

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