10 years at Venn Group for Laura de Ste Croix

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Yesterday, Laura de Ste Croix celebrated 10 years working at Venn Group in the company of Philip Hanna and Deirdra Moynihan, with a meal at Spring at Somerset House. Ahead of the event, we asked Laura for an overview of her time at Venn Group so far:

“10 years ago, the Milton Keynes office was a world away from what it is today. It only had two teams and a total of eight staff, whereas now we have six teams and circa 30 employees! I started my early career on the Finance team, recruiting for the Public Sector. When the Watford office merged with the Milton Keynes office, I jumped at the opportunity to join their Housing team.

I loved the sector instantly, and within a short space of time I was promoted to Executive Consultant. After my maternity leave around 5 years ago, I returned to Venn part-time, working four days a week and reporting directly to Senior Manager, Mark Steff. Since then I have been thrilled to attend two top performer lunches, achieved the highest billing in my sector across the company, and most recently I was promoted to Manager of the Central & East Housing and Local Government team.

Looking back on my time at Venn there have been so many memorable and funny moments. One notable memory was a lunchtime phone call asking if I would like to join an office sausage club, followed by attendance at a sausage party where some of my colleagues and I ate over 100 sausages!

​From what I’ve learnt in my career, my advice to anyone else starting theirs would be to work smart, be kind and surround yourself with good people. That’s what I intend to do for my next 10 years anyway.”

Congratulations Laura – here’s to the next decade!

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