Another Trophy for Tom

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Since my Venn Group sponsorship was announced, it has been a whirlwind couple of months for roller hockey events.

As previously mentioned, the National Cup was the culmination of our season. To come so close last year meant that we wouldn’t accept anything other than winning this time, but we were coming up against the team that gave us our only loss this season.

This definitely reflected in our play and it was admittedly a slightly cagey start. We took a relatively early lead but conceded not long after, going into half time 2-1 up. However, we were much stronger in the second half, finishing 4-1 as winners and champions! It was fantastic to top off an incredible season with such a great performance, and we were thrilled to lift the trophy.

I’ve just returned from representing England in the World Roller Games 2019, which were held in Barcelona. As mentioned in my last post, the England side is one of the only self-funded international teams, so we were one of the underdogs going in. Our objective was of course to be as competitive as possible, but our real goal was to finish in 5th place as this would make us the best of the other 'amateur' teams.

However, from the beginning of the tournament we were challenged, as our first two group matches were against Andorra and Mozambique. They ended up finishing second and first respectively; having the two finalists in our group wasn't exactly the easiest of starts! However, despite their skill and reputations the matches were really very close, which certainly bodes well for future tournaments. After a convincing win against Egypt, a loss against Germany – another professional side – and a win against Australia, we had just one match left, which was for 5th and 6th place. We were over the moon to win this against a strong Brazil side, with it being our goal all along to rank 5th.

Off the rink, the team were fantastic company; a lot of us have played together in club sides, so it made the atmosphere great. Overall week was an amazing experience, and one I would not have been a part of without the support from Venn Group. Next year’s international competition is the European Championships in France, so planning for that starts right away. With continued hard work, hopefully we can build on this strong performance and achieve a great result there too.

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