Case Study: De Montfort University

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After our successful bid, Venn Group was invited to support the university in their recruitment of three full-time procurement specialists against a tight timescale.

With more than 3200 staff attending to typically 27,000 registered students at any one time, De Montfort University has a significant presence in its Leicester community. To support its vast operations, this recruitment project was critical.

Challenges supported

  • University procurement roles demand highly specific skills, backed by formal evidence of competence applying this defined skill set in previous public sector roles. Suitably qualified and experienced candidates are therefore rare
  • The fact there are a limited number of candidates who comply with the necessary HM Government standards who want to work in the public sector – with many instead opting to pursue the rewards available in the private sector – combined with tight salary grading constraints, meant there were significant cost pressures around securing suitable candidates
  • The tight timescale meant we needed to compile a good quality shortlist, precisely match candidate availability with the limited interview dates, and ensure their capacity to immediately accept a job offer

Experience applied

  • The university approved of our successful record recruiting into other higher education and public sector roles locally, our good working relationships with public sector network suppliers, and our flexibility over rates and terms. This led to our engagement on the campaign.
  • The team utilised their years of experience in placing similarly skilled professionals into other major projects to swiftly provide the university with a shortlist of high quality, pre-vetted and immediately available candidates.
  • De Montfort commented on our thoughtful approach, the distinct value added and time saved for the organisation. A specific example of this was how we not only provided committed and competent candidates quickly, but we also procured personal statements from each of them that were specific to the role.  In addition, the candidates told us how delighted they were to receive such strong personal support throughout the process.
  • The University confirmed placement of Venn Group’s shortlisted candidates with a fourth later brought in to fill another new role.
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