CCS Framework Award Lot 5: Clinical Coding

Posted on Thursday, August 1, 2019 by Venn GroupNo comments

Following our award as a complete staffing resource supplier to the CCS framework, we are pleased to introduce how we will be able to support you under Lot 5 Clinical Coding.

Venn Group has worked with the NHS since 2002. Over nearly two decades, we have established an extensive network of exceptional candidates and developed a wealth of experience in how to successfully support the NHS.

We offer CCS approved and regulated recruitment solutions that can be tailored to your organisation, department or individual requirement.

Under Lot 5 we can supply:

  • Clinical Coding Administrators
  • Clinical Coders/Officers
  • ACC Clinical Coders
  • Clinical Coding Managers
  • Clinical Coding Auditors
  • Clinical Coding Trainers
  • Medical Records Administrators
  • Medical Records Officers
  • Medical Records Team Leads
  • Medical Records Managers
  • Medical Records Project Managers
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