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Congratulations to Dan Fowler, who has been promoted to Manager of the North Housing Management and Revenues & Benefits team.

We asked Dan, his Senior Manager, Lynne Nicoll and Director, Ross Gilder for comment on this milestone:


“Dan has been an integral part of the Housing Management and Revenues & Benefits team for many years. He is someone who leads by example, and with his outgoing and friendly personality has developed a successful team which delivers an excellent service to both clients and candidates across the markets. Dan has a natural ability to build good working relationships, which has also made him an integral part of the Manchester management team. This promotion is thoroughly deserved, and I look forward to working with him on the development of the team and his own career in the years to come.”

Ross Gilder - Director


“I am genuinely thrilled to see Dan being promoted to Manager of the Housing Management and Revenues & Benefits team.  Dan is a pleasure to work with, bringing positive energy and enthusiasm to the office. His ability to handle difficult situations is second to none, and he demonstrates this to his team every day.

His drive for success is evidently clear in everything he does, and his eagerness to bring his team along with him in that success even more so.  I wish him all the very best in his new role and look forward to us working towards more common goals in the future.”

Lynne Nicoll – Senior Manager


“I have been at Venn since March 2015 and as soon as I started working in recruitment, I knew it was the industry for me. I have worked on most of the teams in Manchester such as Revenues and Benefits, Estates and Facilities, Property Services and finally moved on to become Manager of the Housing Management and Revenues & Benefits team.

I am privileged to manage the guys on my team. I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work so far during my push for management and know that they will carry this on to continue the team’s progression.

Lynne and Ross have given me incredible support throughout this process, and I am extremely grateful. I am also lucky to have managers in my unit and office that have invested in my development too, so a massive thank you to you all.”

Dan Fowler

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1 comment on "Dan Fowler Promotion"

  • Femi Salawu says: 19 August 2019 at 19:05

    Wonderful to read that Dan Fowler has been promoted to the position of Manager of the North Housing Management and Revenues & Benefits team.
    Though i have never met Dan personally but he has always been my number one point of contact either chasing alternative contract or making enquires.
    Dan is a pleasure to talk to, very optimistic, promising (as in giving guarantee to candidates).

    You're worth it Dan, well done. Hard work pays, It pays to work hard!

    I want £35ph on my next assignment ...lol.....

    When is the celebration????